Return the vehicle when your lease contract ends

Vehicle return checklist

We’ve created a checklist to make the process of returning your vehicle as easy as possible.

Checklist (pdf)

When your lease contract expires and you return your vehicle or exchange it for a new one, we’ll need you to send us a notification of return.

Please remember that our forwarding agent will need up to 10 working days to arrange the pick-up as of the date that you specify. During this period the vehicle must be available for pick-up at all times. Our forwarding agent will call you or the contact specified by you to schedule the precise pick-up date.

Please fill in and return the following form for this purpose.

Important: Please inform your fleet manager about your return notification!

Things to remember when you return your vehicle

Pick-up date:

The forwarding agent won’t call you to schedule the pick-up until after the return date that you specified. It is not possible to arrange a date before then for logistics-related reasons.

Vehicle registration certificate (Fahrzeugschein) Part 1 (ZB 1):

Please remember that this document is necessary for the vehicle’s de-registration. If you do not have it, please inform our Used Vehicle Logistics Department.

What to return with your vehicle:

  • Main key and any spare keys
  • Please place the service booklet and manual where they can be easily found
  • Summer/winter tyres: tyres should not be placed on the rear seat unless they are properly wrapped up or the seat has a cover on it to avoid additional cleaning costs
  • Navigation CD/DVD/SD, if you have one
  • Radio code card, if you have one

Please also remember the following when you return your vehicle:

  • Remove all items of private property. Please remember that we accept no responsibility for items of private property which are left in the vehicle
  • You are not permitted to remove radio or phone antennas
  • If you have installed additional speakers or telephone holders in the side panels, on the back shelf or elsewhere you may only remove them if you restore the vehicle to its original condition at your expense
  • Do not hand over your fuel cards to the forwarding agent. When you return the vehicle, deactivate the card by cutting through the magnetic strip

FAQs about vehicle returns

When does my lease contract end?

Your fleet manager can tell you when the vehicle lease ends. Otherwise, if your employer has arranged a direct driver communication service with us, you can ask your LeasePlan customer account manager.

Can my lease contract be extended?

Please ask your fleet manager.

What items do I have to return with the vehicle?

Always ensure that you return all accessories with the vehicle. That includes original keys, summer tyres, the vehicle registration certificate, service booklet and sat-nav DVD if you have one. Remove all personal items from the car before you return it. Do not hand over your fuel cards to the forwarding agent. When you return the vehicle, deactivate the card by cutting through the magnetic strip.

What is the procedure for returning my leased vehicle?

You or a person authorised by your fleet manager inspect the vehicle with the forwarding agent that picks the vehicle up. Then both persons sign the vehicle return document and our forwarding agent takes the vehicle to a logistics centre where it is inspected by an independent appraiser.

Can I buy my company car at the end of the lease?

If your employer consents you can buy your company car at the end of the lease. Request a purchase price from us no earlier than six weeks before the lease expires using the online form. You can also find a comprehensive selection of LeasePlan vehicles at our website: