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Everything you need to know about vehicle maintenance

LeasePlan has agreed very competitive hourly rates and replacement part prices with numerous repair shop partners. We continuously extend our service and repair partner network, so it’s worthwhile checking on a regular basis to see which of our partners is nearest to you.

If you want to have your LeasePlan vehicle serviced you will need our Service and Repair Form. Print the form out, fill it in and hand it over to the repair shop.

Service and Repair Form

Find your nearest partner repair shop

LeasePlan cooperates with manufacturer-affiliated and independent garages. Search by address or city to find the service and maintenance partner nearest to you.

Select your vehicle make first, then the town or city.

Repair shop checklist

  • Ensure that the manufacturer’s service intervals are complied with.
  • Only allow our repair shop partners to perform maintenance work or wear-and-tear repairs. 
  • Print out the Service and Repair Form, fill it in and hand it to the person dealing with your vehicle at the repair shop before the maintenance work or repairs are performed.
  • Do not request the repair shop to install any accessories or perform any superficial repairs.
  • Only use LeasePlan repair orders and remember to sign them.
  • Use your LeasePlan fuel or service card as ID when you request the repair shop to perform the work.

FAQs about services and maintenance:

Why didn’t I get a repair card?

You have a euroShell or Aral fuel card, so you don’t need any further identification for our partners.

Do I have to use a partner repair shop?

You can find the nearest repair shop via the search function at the top of this page. If there is no partner in our network who can perform services and repairs on the vehicle within a 30 km radius, you can take the vehicle to any manufacturer-authorised repair shop.

Do I have to fill in the repair form?

Every time you take your LeasePlan car to the repair shop you have to fill in the “Service and Repair Form” and hand it in to the repair shop because it contains important information on handling the job. You can download the “Service and Repair Form” from here.

How long is the guarantee/warranty on my vehicle?

New vehicles generally have a two-year guarantee and manufacturer warranty commencing on the date of registration.

When do I have to get my vehicle serviced?

Vehicles have different service intervals depending on their make and model. You can find this information in your vehicle’s service booklet and most vehicles indicate when a service is necessary.

When and where do I have to get my MOT?

Three years after it is registered the vehicle has to go for an MOT. After that the MOT is due every two years. Please note down the dates yourself. You can get an MOT at any authorised repair shop, at the TÜV or at DEKRA.  Ask the MOT unit if it can make out the invoice to LeasePlan on the basis of the Repair Form. You can download the form from this page. We will not need a copy of the MOT report.
LCVs with a gross weight of up to 3.5 tonnes have to go in for an MOT 24 months after first registration and then at 24-month intervals.
LCVs with a gross weight of more than 3.5 tonnes have their first MOT 12 months after first registration and then at 12-month intervals.

What do I do if the car has a technical defect?

If the car won’t start or the engine oil lamp is on, please call our 24/7 hotline. You can find the number under Breakdowns.