We offer you short-term rental cars as a replacement for your leased vehicle

If you need a replacement vehicle, call our rental car reservation centre from Monday to Friday, 08:00 - 17:00h.

We’ll book the rental car that you require and deliver it to any location in Germany. We can alternatively deliver it to one of our over 1,500 partner stations, all passenger airports and – subject to an extra charge – to any place you specify.

If your leased vehicle breaks down due to a technical defect or is involved in an accident, please call our 24/7 emergency hotline at the same number.  Outside business hours it is only possible to arrange a rental car in case of emergency.

Please remember to check with your employer before using the rental car service.

RReservation hotline:

From within and outside Germany call: +49 211 95 70 07 83

Monday-Friday from 8.00-17.00h

General Terms and Conditions of Rental

You can download our General Terms and Conditions of Rental here:

Short-term rental enquiries

You can enquire about short-term vehicle rentals here. The lead time for short-term rentals is generally 2 hours depending on vehicle category.

In urgent cases, please call the Reservation Centre’s free hotline on 0800/5764383.

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Rental period

Note: Please remember that deliveries can only be made during business hours.

Equipment & features (multiple selection possible)

Note: Our vehicles are fitted with winter tyres in the winter months in compliance with German road traffic regulations.

Rental rates will be invoiced in accordance with the price schedule which is valid at the time of rental and the agreement concluded with us. The Terms & Conditions of Rental of Lean Autovermietung GmbH at the commencement of the rental period apply.

The use and processing of personal data shall be solely for the purpose of implantation and termination of the tenancy. Find our general note on data protection here

FAQs about rental cars

If I request a rental car, can I choose the make and model?

Your employer has agreed specific rental car categories with LeasePlan which will be made available to employees requesting a replacement vehicle. We can only provide you with an available model corresponding to the agreed category. It isn’t possible to choose the make and model of rental car.

What is the procedure for accepting the replacement vehicle?

When you accept the replacement vehicle, please check it for defects and damage. If you discover any, note them down in the rental agreement. We will need your driver’s license and ID card or passport (originals) to rent a replacement vehicle for you.

How is the rental car billed?

We bill rental cars at a day rate. One day is precisely 24 hours, commencing with the time when the vehicle is rented. For example, if the rental commences on Monday at 8:00h, and is returned on Tuesday at 10:00h, we will bill it for two days.

What if I have an accident or breakdown with the rental car, or it is stolen?

If you have an accident or the car is stolen always call the police first. Then notify the rental station as long as it is a long-term rental car. In the case of a short-term rental (less than 28 days), please contact our reservation centre on 0211 95700783.

What is the procedure for handing the replacement car back?

Call the rental station in advance and inform it of the time and place of return. In the case of a short-term rental (less than 28 days), please contact our reservation centre on +49 211 95700783.  Always fill the rental car up with fuel before returning it and return it in person so that you can check the vehicle and document any damage with the rental company’s representative.