Ordering your new leased vehicle

Calculate – get set – go! e-Driver, our online tool for company car users, allows you to easily configure your new vehicle and calculate the costs online. It is very practical because it shows both the monthly lease instalment and your driver contribution, if you have one. e-Driver also calculates the amount of tax you will have to pay for the non-cash benefit of driving a company car. You find the e-Driver login at the top right of any of our web pages.

Enjoy your new LeasePlan car!

Configuration and cost calculation is this easy

You get your personal password for access to e-Driver from your fleet manager. Use the login at the top right of any of our web pages and then make your selection. e-Driver presents vehicle makes, models, a list of standard fittings and suitable accessories. When you have configured the vehicle, the monthly lease instalment is automatically displayed – as well as your driver contribution if you have one.

When you have finished, you can save the vehicle configuration data for 45 days, print it out or compare it with data for other vehicles. Once you have chosen a car you can send the order to your fleet manager by mouse click.

FAQs about your new vehicle:

When can I order my new vehicle?

Please ask your fleet manager.

Where can I get detailed information about new vehicle models?

If you have access to it, our online tool e-Driver has an overview of all current vehicle models and accessories. You can also find detailed information about specific models at the relevant car dealership.

When will my new vehicle be delivered?

If you know which car dealership will be supplying the vehicle, contact it to arrange the delivery date. If you don’t know who is supplying the vehicle, ask your fleet manager.

How can I get a custom registration plate?

If your employer allows you to have custom registration plates, you can reserve it yourself at your vehicle registration office. You can find out which registration office your new vehicle will be registered at from your fleet manager.

Where is the driver manual for my new leased vehicle?

LeasePlan vehicles don’t have a driver manual any longer. Instead, you will receive a credit card-format information card listing all the service numbers before you take acceptance of your new vehicle. All other information can be found on our website in the “My LeasePlan Vehicle” section.

Who is allowed to drive my car?

You’ll have to check your company car contract to see who is allowed to drive the car. If you’re not sure, ask the fleet manager.

Can I drive my car in driver training courses and the like?

You’ll have to check your company car contract to see whether that’s permitted. If you’re not sure, ask the fleet manager.