How to buy your company car when the lease is up

If you’d like to purchase your company car at the end of the lease, you can request a purchase price quotation and benefit from the following advantages:

  • You know the vehicle’s ownership history
  • Direct purchase from the full service lease contract
  • You know that the vehicle has been regularly serviced

We can provide you with a non-binding quotation if you would like to purchase the leased vehicle that you’re currently driving. All you have to do is send the form below to us, but not earlier than six weeks before the purchase date/expiry of the lease contract.

Purchase your company car

By sending the enquiry, you confirm that the vehicle is free of technical defects. If the vehicle has damage of more than €500 we won’t be able to sell it to you.

We need three digital photos as proof of the vehicle’s condition:

  • Photo of the vehicle from the front left
  • Photo of the vehicle from the back right
  • Photo of the speedometer with legible mileage

* = mandatory fields

You can upload the photos here:
  • JPG file format only
  • Landscape format only
  • Max. file/photo size 1MB
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