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We offer you a wide range of interesting additional services

As a LeasePlan vehicle driver you can profit from practical additional services in addition to enjoying the use of your company car.

Calculate the tax you have to pay for your company car

Do you use your company car for private journeys too? Then use our tax calculator to find out how much tax you have to pay on this non-cash benefit. In the “Total Deductions” field you can see the calculation of net deductions from your salary that you can expect in respect of your company car.

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The tax calculator was developed by the tax professionals at the Lampertheim publishing company, which specialises in tax and legal publications, and it is updated regularly.

What is the 1% flat-rate tax on company cars used privately?
Every month, 1% of the gross list price for your company car, including all accessories and without any discounts, is deducted from your taxable income. The actual value of second-hand vehicles or vehicles which have already been written off for tax purposes is not taken into account. This is your non-cash benefit.

From 2019 there is a tax advantage for electric and certain hybrid vehicles (acc. §3 EmoG), which are provided or registered to employees for the first time as of 1 January 2019. The non-cash benefit will be reduced by half which means the additional liabilities for private use of the company car will be reduced as well. And for electric models with a gross list price of less than EUR 40,000, taxation is only 0.25%.

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FAQs about insuring your company vehicle:

Can I transfer my no claims bonus to my company car?

If you have a no claims bonus and your company car insurer offers a no claims bonus system, your no claims bonus can be transferred. Talk to your fleet manager about it. Fixed-rate premiums don’t take personal no claims bonuses into account, so if you pay a fixed premium you can’t transfer your no claims bonus.

What do I have to remember when I drive outside Germany?

The international motor insurance card, also known as the “green card” is not legally mandatory. However, we do recommend that you take it with you when driving abroad because not every official will be aware that it isn’t mandatory. If your vehicle is insured with LeasePlan you can request a green card from us. Insurance companies usually send the green cards to the fleet manager.

Legal advice on traffic law

Do you need legal advice relating to traffic law? We offer our LeasePlan customers a special legal advice service:

  • a free telephone consultation with a legal expert from our partner law firm within 24 hours
  • a free legal appraisal of your situation and a legal recommendation
  • non-binding enquiries that don’t require you to engage legal counsel

Please note:
We can only deal with enquiries relating to German traffic law. Enquiries relating to accidents involving vehicles that are dealt with by our claims handling service cannot be dealt with to prevent any conflict of interest for our partner law firm.

Your data is always treated in strict confidentiality and only transferred to our partner law firm. Neither we nor your employer are informed about your enquiry.


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