Everything you need to know in case of accident or damage

Report damage online

If your car is damaged you can use the online Login at the top right of every page to create a new damage report or amend an existing one. Use the login data that has been provided to you or register to use the service.

You can also make a preliminary damage report via our damage hotline:

Report damage by telephone

From within and outside Germany call: +49 211 95 78 23 33

(24/7 service, toll-free within Germany)

Damage repair orders

Please fill in the following form, sign it and hand it over to the repair workshop.

Damage repair order (pdf)

Find an accident damage repair partner near to you

Search by address or town/city to find the accident damage repair partner nearest to you. The five nearest partners are automatically displayed.

FAQs about accidents and damage:

How do I report an accident/ damage incident involving my leased vehicle?

You can login to “LeasePlan Online” at the top right of every web page at www.leaseplan.de. Once you have logged in, simply follow the instructions. Before that you can also call us to report damage – especially if your vehicle cannot be driven or is not roadworthy.

What is the procedure for accident damage repairs?

Never sign a declaration of assignment or cost acceptance confirmation. Always take the vehicle to one of the partners in our network to get accident damage repaired. You can download the “Damage Repair Order” form from this page. Fill it in and hand it over to the repair workshop. If accident damage repairs will cost more than EUR 300 net, the repair workshop must obtain LeasePlan’s approval before commencing work.

What information about the persons involved in the accident do I have to note down?

Please always note down the registration number, first and surname, complete address and insurance details of the other party, plus the names of any witnesses.

When do I have to involve the police?

Please always inform the police if someone is injured, or if there has been vandalism, break-in/theft or damage caused by an unknown third party (hit and run) or the damage occurs outside Germany.

Where can I get stone chip damage repaired?

Please only get stone chip damage repaired by a LeasePlan partner. You can find the partner nearest to you in the “Glass Damage” section.

Do I get a rental car while mine is in the repair workshop?

Please remember that you are generally required to minimise the loss. When accidents are caused by other parties and a rental car is needed, the rental car should be one class lower than the leased vehicle and rented for the duration of the repair work only. Never sign a declaration of assignment or cost acceptance confirmation.