Your LeasePlan vehicle – our services for drivers

Congratulations on your LeasePlan vehicle! This is where you can find everything you need for your car, from hotline numbers and service partner search through to forms. This comprehensive information and support will help you to keep enjoying your vehicle.

Have a great trip!

Support in connection with a technical defect-related breakdown

If your vehicle breaks down due to a technical defect you can contact us 24/7 on the following service numbers:

From within Germany call:


(toll free in Germany)

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From outside Germany call:

+49/2131/383 83 30

First-aid after accidents and damage

You can find all the information you need after an accident or damage incident here: phone numbers, accident damage repair partner, forms etc.

You need a replacement for your leased vehicle at short notice


You are taking part in the electronic driver’s license check process

Find out more about the electronic driver’s license check process here 

You want to order a new leased vehicle

If your lease is about to expire, you’re probably looking forward to your new company car. This section tells you how you can configure, calculate and order it.

You are interested in further additional services for company car users

Do you want

  • questions about your car insurance answered,
  • the flat rate of tax for your company car calculated or
  • free legal advice with no obligation?

You can find many other services here that we offer drivers of LeasePlan vehicles.