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Interested in finding out more about LeasePlan Deutschland GmbH? Then you’re in the right place. Hear from the people that know us best – our employees.

“I’ve received a lot of support throughout my career at LeasePlan.”

Angelika Martens, Division Manager Customer Service North in Hamburg

Angelika Martens

Division Manager Customer Service North in Hamburg.
Joined LeasePlan in 1996.

“I’ve received a lot of support throughout my career at LeasePlan.”
I started in administration at LeasePlan’s Customer Support North office in Hamburg back in 1996. I had previously worked for a company that leased equipment, so I already had experience in the leasing sector. The integration process at LeasePlan went very smoothly. My new colleagues welcomed my support – they had enough to do already. I was soon allocated customers and took over responsibility for them as a customer service representative.

A good two years later I became a fleet management consultant. In this role, I managed 15 corporate customers with a total fleet volume of 3,000 vehicles. My first task as a consultant is still one of the most exciting: the integration of a big new customer with an individual framework agreement. It wasn’t always easy to reconcile customer demands with internal company requirements. I had to find solutions to challenges. I ultimately succeeded in implementing my suggestions and making my customers happy.

Alongside my work as a consultant, I also stood in for the division manager for customer support. When the role of Division Manager Customer Support North became vacant due to parental leave, the step up was a logical move. At the same time, I took on acting responsibility for the position of Division Manager. A good three years later, I was made permanent as Division Manager Customer Support North.

I’ve received a lot of support throughout my career at LeasePlan. I’ve been able to attend a whole range of management training courses. But for me, the most important thing was the support I received from superiors and colleagues with experience in similar management positions.
I’ve always made it clear that I enjoy my work, and in this way, proved myself through my work. Many of the skills I apply today as a manager are skills that I learnt in my first career as a trainer in competitive sport. A competitive athlete is goal-driven and has the ambition and self-discipline they need to succeed.

In regional customer support at our external branch offices, department managers like Angelika Martens are responsible for the customer portfolio in their region and directly support the work of the customer support division managers and the fleet management consultants.

“I like the friendly atmosphere and pleasant working environment at LeasePlan.”

Mario Günther, Maintenance Department in Neuss

Mario Günther

Maintenance Department at the headquarters in Neuss.
Joined LeasePlan in 2009.

“I like the friendly atmosphere and pleasant working environment at LeasePlan.”
Before starting at LeasePlan, I had a typical car mechanic career. After my apprenticeship, I worked as a mechanic for ten years and then as a master mechanic for around 16 years. Today, I am an “armchair athlete” and have swapped motor testers and spanners for a computer and a phone. I don’t see any vehicles in my day-to-day work these days, although I’m still interested in cars and automotive technology. I still think it’s important to stay on top of the latest developments so that I can communicate with the workshops on an equal footing. This is why my colleagues and I are always furthering our knowledge, for example by attending courses organised by the vocational training centre or vehicle manufacturers.

One of my tasks is to process and approve repair requests. I am in contact with workshops all over Germany every day. Once a vehicle has been repaired, I check the incoming invoice for accuracy and technical correctness. This can be a challenge for some German manufacturers – the sheer number of models mean that even the workshops mix these up sometimes. Our contacts at the workshops are often surprised to learn that we have a similar background to them and the corresponding knowledge. My colleagues and I know what replacement parts costs, we know the working positions and can tell whether the items invoiced match the repair description. My job also involves a certain amount of responsibility, like when a new vehicle model is launched. My colleagues and I then calculate the future repair costs for this model based on our data and experience and this information is then used to calculate lease instalments.

I’m very happy at LeasePlan and enjoy my work here. I like the friendly atmosphere and pleasant working environment – and the fact that we have time to get to the bottom of things. Despite a lot of routine work, I never know what challenges I will face when I get up in the morning. One such challenge might be a family stuck on holiday in Italy with engine failure. I naturally want to help the driver and his family but mechanics in other countries don’t usually speak German or English. In a situation like this, we are supported by our LeasePlan colleagues in the country concerned, who we communicate with in English.

In the Maintenance Department at the headquarters in Neuss, experienced car mechanics and master mechanics like Mario Günther approve repair work to our leased vehicles by our partner workshops, check whether the incoming maintenance and repair invoices are accurate and technically correct, and advise our customers in case of technical problems.