Our employees are our most important asset

We are a reputed and innovative service company and, as such, we know that our employees are our most important asset.

Every member of our strong and experienced team should enjoy contributing to the company’s success in an innovative environment. Our corporate communications, conduct and identity are the basis of our corporate philosophy.

Respect – Passion – Expertise – Commitment

We follow these principles in the workplace to enable us not only to be successful in business, but also to achieve the following objectives:

  • To feel good at work
  • To reinforce a sense of responsibility
  • To foster creativity and encourage people to contribute their own ideas
  • To promote people’s special strengths

We achieve them with professional competence and by cultivating positive and respectful interpersonal relationships.

Our customers demand a lot.We demand total quality of ourselves.

Support and encouragement

Work is an important part of life, but it isn’t everything. Employees with a good work-life balance perform well in their jobs.  That’s why we offer fair performance-based pay, a comprehensive package of employee benefits and an innovative pension scheme. The team in Neuss enjoys healthy meals served in our own company restaurant. Our people are also encouraged to take short at work breaks and have a range of in-house health services and facilities, such as massages, available to them. All these things have a motivating effect and contribute to a healthy work-life balance.

Our daily business hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm because we want to offer our customers maximum quality of service. Guaranteeing these service times involves forward-looking planning that takes our flexible working hours model into account. We provide time-credit accounts that allow employees to take phases of paid leave, in-house massages, ergonomically designed workplaces, health days and other health-promoting measures to ensure that our employees feel good in their jobs.

Positive feedback

We intend to sustain and optimise this work environment so that it continues to have a positive impact on employee motivation, satisfaction and performance. The fact that our employees appreciate this is confirmed by LeasePlan Deutschland GmbH’s nomination as one of the top 100 employers in the Germany-wide “Great Place to Work” survey. Our people gave us the highest ratings for management quality, workplace relationships, development opportunities and satisfaction. We’re proud of that and we’re committed to ensuring that we continue to be a great place to work.