Values that make a difference – our corporate culture

We want to ensure that our employees feel at home working for LeasePlan and that they can achieve their full potential in their careers, so it’s important that they can identify with our corporate culture. Our culture promotes a spirit of openness and transparency, as well as impartiality and honesty in expressing opinions. Our regular employee surveys and the feedback they provide help us to continuously improve our workplace conditions and working processes. Our core values of respect, passion, expertise and commitment are important aspects of our everyday work. They support our commitment to credibility and fairness, guide us in our working relationships and motivate us to achieve our common objective of the best possible outcome for both internal and external customers.

Our organisation benefits from the diversity of the people who work for us. Teams that unite different skill sets, experience and opinions make better decisions and deliver better results. That’s why we support diversity in all its manifestations. Not only do we accept this responsibility towards our people, we are also committed to managing our organization in line with responsible, socially and environmentally sustainable principles. As one of its long-term CSR projects, LeasePlan Germany has been actively supporting the “Diakonie Düsseldorf” organisation’s work with young people for many years.

We strive for maximum integrity, honesty, fairness, reliability and social responsibility in everything we do.

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