Stay mobile with our rental cars

Our car rental service helps you to avoid fleet capacity surpluses and it provides you with fast solutions to keep your drivers mobile.

We also offer this service to commercial customers. Commercial customers can test our rental car service at any time.

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Flexible short-term rentals

With over 1,500 partner stations in Germany, we deliver optimum car rental solutions that guarantee the nationwide mobility of any vehicle fleet. All you have to do is call our reservation centre and we’ll ensure that your requested vehicle is delivered promptly to any location in Germany.

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Uncomplicated long-term rentals

To optimise your fleet costs, all of our long-term rental cars are inexpensive diesel vehicles. You can also request long-term rentals with winter tyres, fuel cards and sat-navs.

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Excellent deals with our rental car management service

We find the best rental car deals for you on the basis of your specifications. To do this, we compare the rental car rates of car dealerships with our rental car rates. We also ensure the traceability of every single car rental process to keep your costs as low and transparent as possible.

General Terms and Conditions of Rental

You can download our Rental Car GTCs in PDF format here:

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