Keep your employees and your vehicles mobile with Corporate Car Sharing

Corporate Car Sharing is a vehicle management and provisioning concept where the vehicles aren’t directly assigned to specific drivers. Instead, employees access them with a booking and key management system.

Car pool vehicles are often seldom used and simply mean additional effort for you. Corporate Car Sharing reduces your mobility costs, as well as your fleet, taxi, rail and rental car costs. It also optimises your fleet with simplified processes, transparent vehicle availability and better vehicle use rates. This means you can reduce your fleet to the number of vehicles you actually need.

All kinds of vehicles can be assigned to the Corporate Car Sharing service - from new and returned leased vehicles to your own vehicles, existing pool vehicles, rental cars or electric vehicles.

There are two options to choose from

The Corporate Car Sharing service is available in two options:

Corporate Car Sharing Basic

You use the booking and key management system. LeasePlan initially enters the data in the system and you administer it. You are still the contact for vehicle users.

Corporate Car Sharing Comfort

Your drivers use the online booking system and the key management system. LeasePlan handles all aspects of administration, including implementation, user training, data entry and updating, reporting etc. We also take care of all the organisational aspects, such as hardware installation and de-installation, fuel and cleaning service, driver communications, efficiency analyses etc. This option provides you with fleet optimisation-related benefits and frees you from your driver communication and operations management responsibilities.

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