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Find out here which fleet services we offer you and what advantages you gain by outsourcing your fleet management to us.

Welcome to LeasePlan

Our customers are our number one priority. That’s why everything we do as the world’s largest vehicle leasing and fleet management company revolves around them. LeasePlan has been committed to optimising mobility for over forty years.

We keep our customers and their drivers mobile according to our three guiding principles of passion, innovation and quality.

We express our commitment to our customers by cultivating close relationships with them and taking pride in surpassing their expectations. And it makes no difference what sector of industry they‘re in, what size fleet they have or what vehicles they drive. Our ideas aren’t just contemporary, many of them are also innovative and well ahead of their time.

So our customers always get a better deal from us - maximum value for money and maximum administrative workload reduction. We’re dedicated to our vision of optimum mobility for all.

True to our brand promise: It’s easier to leaseplan.

vehicle leasing

Do you want to improve your balance sheet structure, free up financial resources and be able to budget more reliably? We can offer outsourcing solutions that are tailored to your requirements, from full-service leases to fleet management arrangements.

Find out more about our customised outsourcing solutions here

Perfect-fit utility vehicle leasing

Do you have trucks or heavy utility vehicles in your fleet and are you looking for a partner that is familiar with your special requirements, can provide you with professional advice and handle all aspects of your sector-specific component requirements on a one-stop basis?

Then read on to find out more about our utility vehicle lease concepts

Public-sector vehicle solutions

Do you work in the public sector and want to eliminate budget risks and reduce your administrative workload, and are you looking for a leasing company that is familiar with public contract law and your special requirements as a public authority?

Then read on here to find out more about our public-sector vehicle solutions

Targeted consultancy and support services

Are you looking for a partner that can help you to continuously optimise your fleet, minimise your costs and provide you with substantiated analyses on different focus areas?
Find out more about the advantages of our consultancy and support services

Fleet management at a click - fleet software

Do you want to structure your daily fleet operations and driver communications on a fast, paper and error-free basis and have all the relevant information at your fingertips?

Discover how our fleet software can help you in this section

Save on vehicle maintenance costs

Do you want to save repair shop costs yet still get a priority repair shop service for your drivers?

Click here to find out more about our maintenance service


Nationwide tyre management

Do you want problem-free and low-cost tyre fitting, replacements and storage for your vehicles?

Read this section to find out more about our tyre management service

Fuel management
without paperwork



Do you need a nationwide fuel supply network in Germany and Europe plus cost transparency without mountains of paperwork?

You can find further information about our fuel management service here

Comprehensive claims handling

Do you need interruption-free mobility for your drivers in case of accidents and, at the same time, want to dispense with the time-consuming processing of damage and insurance claims? Do you want to proactively prevent vehicle damage and minimise damage-related costs in your fleet?

Discover how our claims handling service can optimally reduce your costs and workload here

Fleet insurance concepts

Do you want insurance premiums that are geared to your fleet’s insurance claims history?
Plus competent advice - including advice on alternative risk concepts - about the most cost-effective insurance solution for you?

Then read this section to find out more about our fleet insurance and alternative risk concepts

Stay mobile with our rental car service

Do you need flexibility in short and long-term car rentals but want to avoid unnecessary rental days and costs, as well as eliminate your car rental workload?

This section contains information on how our rental car service can help you

Optimise vehicle use with Corporate Car Sharing

Do you want to reduce your mobility costs and use your vehicles more efficiently?

Read on to find out how Corporate Car Sharing can solve your problem

Fair vehicle valuations and used vehicle sales

Do you want a transparent and fair valuation when you return the vehicle at the end of the lease, and to know at the beginning of the lease contract what types of damage you’ll be paying for when you return the vehicle?

Find out more about vehicle valuations and used vehicle sales here

Legal compliance - with the electronic driver’s license check

Do you want to comply with the legal requirement to check driver’s licenses but keep the associated administrative workload to the minimum.

Read on to find out more about the advantages of our electronic driver’s license check service

Legal certainty with the electronic driver instruction

Do you want to minimize your administrative burden with the yearly driver instructions by a lean online support?

Here you find out more about the advantages of our electronic driver instruction 

Eco-friendly with a green fleet

Do you want a green and cost-effective fleet, to motivate your drivers to be more ecologically aware and to sustainably improve your company’s image with a good environmental footprint?

Read about our green fleet initiatives here

Fleet management 2.0 with FleetPlan -  less administration and more efficiency

Would you like to outsource all your fleet management processes and reduce your administrative workload? Do you want to simplify the fleet budgeting process and eliminate surprises? Does fleet data have to be transferred directly to your payroll systems?

Read on to find out why FleetPlan, our innovative fleet management service package, could work for you

International fleet management

Are you looking for a partner that can offer you globally harmonised fleet services, internationally comparable fleet costs and local expertise in all the countries where you operate vehicles?

Find out more about international fleet management services here

Owned fleet services

Do you want to avoid leasing vehicles but would like to enjoy the advantages of our fleet management services?

This section contains information about our fleet management services for owned fleets


Company cars for everyone with salary sacrifice schemes

Do you want to improve employee motivation and enhance your attractiveness as an employer without any liability risk or additional company-car related expenses?

Read more about salary sacrifice schemes in this section

Leasing fleets of less than 30 vehicles

Are you interested in leasing a fleet of less than 30 vehicles?
LeasePlan Go has the perfect lease concept for you - with and without additional services.

Click here for LeasePlan Go