Introducing LeasePlan Deutschland GmbH

LeasePlan is a Dutch financial services provider specialising in fleet management services. Established in 1963, LeasePlan has evolved into the world’s largest fleet management service company and currently operates in 32 countries around the world. LeasePlan has over 6,800 employees. LeasePlan Corporation N.V. is wholly owned by LP Group B.V., which represents a consortium composed of a group of long-term responsible investors and includes leading Dutch pension fund service provider PGGM, Denmark’s largest pension fund ATP, GIC, Luxinva S.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) and investment funds managed by TDR Capital LLP.

LeasePlan Deutschland GmbH is a vehicle leasing and fleet management company headquartered in Neuss which was founded in 1973. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of LeasePlan Corporation N.V. of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In addition to the headquarters, it has branches in Neuss, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich plus a regional office in Berlin. In Germany currently 111,000 company vehicles are managed.

Hand in hand with our customers– the Customer Advisory Board

LeasePlan Deutschland GmbH was the first fleet management company in Germany to set up a Customer Advisory Board to improve customer satisfaction at the end of 2011. The Customer Advisory Board makes an important contribution to LeasePlan’s development by communicating customer viewpoints, needs and requirements.

The Customer Advisory Board’s function is to advise the company on the development of key LeasePlan services. Its members represent the interests of LeasePlan’s fleet management customers. They forge a link between LeasePlan and its customers and are a source of suggestions, ideas and constructive criticism. The Customer Advisory Board informs LeasePlan about its customers’ experiences, and their experiences of the company’s image and service quality.

Through its work the Customer Advisory Board helps improve customer satisfaction and enhance LeasePlan’s public image. The Customer Advisory Board’s members are fleet management customer representatives. They are independent, honorary members who represent a cross-section of the companies that are LeasePlan’s customers. The Customer Advisory Board meets twice a year.


LeasePlan Deutschland GmbH

Hellersbergstr. 10 b
41460 Neuss
Tel. +49 (0)2131 / 132-0
6.705680 51.194230


  • Hamburg
    Borsteler Chaussee 49
    22453 Hamburg
    Tel. +49 (0)40 / 51 48 89-0
    9.981350 53.605020
  • Neuss
    Carl-Schurz-Str. 2
    41460 Neuss
    Tel. +49 (0)2131 / 132-0
    6.713440 51.195350
  • Frankfurt
    Hoechster Straße 98
    65835 Liederbach
    Tel. +49 (0)69 / 30 09 70-0
    8.506490 50.115320
  • Stuttgart
    Tannenbergstraße 139
    73230 Kirchheim/Teck
    Tel. +49 (0)7021 / 94 11-0
    9.467120 48.635990
  • Munich
    Landsberger Str. 408
    81241 München
    Tel. +49 (0)89 / 82 00 04-0
    11.480800 48.145880

The LeasePlan Germany Management Board

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  • Patrick J.L. Vierveijzer

    Managing Director

  • Edwin De Jong

    Director Finance & ICT

  • Dieter Jacobs

    Director Operations

  • Roland Meyer

    Commercial Director

Relevant facts and figures

LeasePlan Deutschland GmbH

  • Founded: 1973
  • Owner: 100% subsidiary of LeasePlan Corporation N. V., Amsterdam/NL
  • Employees: 450
  • (Leased) assets: EUR 1.45 billion
  • Current fleet: 111,000 vehicles

Annual financial statements

You can find the key financial data contained in the most recent annual financial statements here.

Operating result
as at 31.12.2016:
Change versus
prior year:
Contract portfolio:105,995 vehicles+ 7.1 %
Leased assets:EUR 1.45 billion+ 9.1 %
Sales revenue:EUR 1.0 billion+ 4.7 %
Operating result
as at 31.12.15:
Change versus
prior year:
Contract portfolio:99,006 vehicles+ 11.0 %
Leased assets:EUR 1.33 billion+ 12.7 %
Sales revenue:EUR 0.91 billion

+ 3.4 %

Operating result
as at 31.12.14:
Change versus
prior year:
Contract portfolio:89,200 vehicles+ 4.3 %
Leased assets:EUR 1.18 billion+ 5.4 %
Sales revenue:EUR 0.88 billion

- 2.2%

Operating result
as at 31.12.13:
Change versus
prior year:
Contract portfolio:85,500 vehicles+ 4.9 %
Leased assets:EUR 1.12 billion+ 4.7 %
Sales revenue:EUR 0.90 billion

- 10 %

Operating result
as at 31.12.2012:
Change versus
prior year:
Contract portfolio:81,500 vehicles+ 1.9 %
Leased assets:EUR 1.07 billion- 7.0 %
Sales revenue:EUR 1.00 billion+/- 0 %
Operating result
as at
Change versus
prior year
Contract portfolio:80,000 vehicles- 3.6 %
Leased assets:EUR 1.15 billion+/- 0 %
Sales revenue:EUR 1.00 billion- 3.5 %


We also offer you the following information for downloading:

Annual financial statements 2012-2016

Compensation Report 2017 (german)


In Germany since 1973 – discover LeasePlan Deutschland GmbH’s milestones since then here.




In summer, we launched our new Fleet Consulting Plus service. The summer also saw the phase-out of the LeasePlan Driver Manual. It was replaced by a more contemporary and convenient information card for LeasePlan vehicle drivers. And we introduced our new e-supplier online tool for fully electronic new vehicle order processes between us and our new car dealerships.


As a result of the very positive development of business at our successful Used Car Outlet in Neuss we opened another Used Car Outlet in Nuremberg, southern Germany, in 2011. LeasePlan vehicle drivers have been using our “LeasePlan Mobil” iPhone app since May 2011 for convenient mobile access to all our fleet management services. We were the first fleet management company in Germany to set up a Customer Advisory Council at the end of 2011.


In autumn we extended our insurance portfolio with the Risk Retention Plus service. In addition to the benefits of risk retention, the new service also covered returned vehicle damage reducing the vehicle’s value by up to EUR 2,000.

A version of the “LeasePlan Mobile“ app for Android smartphones was introduced. 


The year started out with the launch of a unique service when we became the first leasing company to offer company car drivers a free legal advice service. We increased the transparency of our vehicle return procedure by introducing electronic vehicle return documentation. For even greater customer convenience at the used car outlets we now allow them to trade in their old vehicles as a down payment on the vehicle they are purchasing.


LeasePlan was honoured with numerous awards and our customers were able to look forward to many new services. At the beginning of the year LeasePlan received the Supplier Excellence Award from its customer Johnson Controls. Later on in the year LeasePlan Germany was presented with two awards by the LeasePlan Corporation for excellent performance: the Trophy of Excellence and the Country Commercial Excellence Award. At the same time, the entire Group celebrated an addition to the LeasePlan family when LeasePlan Canada commenced operations.

In spring LeasePlan Germany introduced electronic driving license checks as an own service and supplemented its range of consultancy services with the new Risk Management Consulting project type. LeasePlan also introduced new services that allowed it to move into the mobile services segment. Customers were able to reward their employees for choosing smaller company cars for the first time - e.g. with alternative mobility options. This was made possible by the introduction of the Mobility Budget account management service.


At the beginning of the year LeasePlan Germany launched the new Own Damage Fund Plus service. This service provides additional cover for top risks that can occur as a result of acts of nature. In March the management and employees were delighted when LeasePlan Germany was named a “Great Place to Work”.

A few months later LeasePlan celebrated 20 years of expertise in utility vehicle leasing. Manufacturer benchmarks and useful life analyses are just two ingredients of our recipe for success in this segment. They helped LeasePlan Germany to set a new all-time record at the end of the year - with 99,000 vehicles under management.


2016 was associated with two changes. The first was the dynamic adaptation of the website to screen size and the second was the positioning of LeasePlan Germany as a mobility optimiser. In the summer of 2016 the company celebrated a new record. For the first time ever, LeasePlan Germany had a fleet of more than 100,000 vehicles under management.

Over the course of the year LeasePlan launched numerous new services such as FleetPlan, leased LCVs with universal fittings and electronic driver training. Managing Director Johan Friman left the company after ten years at the end of the year.